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Work with me

Tell the story of your life as you want it to be

It's time to invest in yourself if...

You're currently running your business part time and want it to be your full time career.

You want to launch a new service or treatment within your business but don't know how.

You feel overwhelmed, over worked and stressed.

You're great at what you do but you have no idea how to manage your business. 

You're struggling to keep or gain new clients.

You're new to the industry and are not sure how to get your business off the ground.

One to one work

Weekly coaching calls keeping you focussed and driven. Working through your mindset and barriers.


Keeping you accountable and committed while I will be accountable for my actions and commitments to you.


What are your goals? What are your drivers? Create and define actionable goals that are in alignment with you and your desires.


Support with planning your marketing campaigns, getting to grips with social media and your Google Business Profile. Checking your website is up to date and aligned with what you do.

Know Your Numbers

Getting on top of your financial goals, understanding and knowing your numbers. Knowing your profit from your turnover, your targets and your pricing.


A personalised strategy to get you to your goals and keep you on track going forwards. 

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