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Last week I had a realisation...

I don’t think that I have been being me, I don’t think I have been giving you my true authentic self.

Now this is something that I work on with clients a particular example of this is comes from one of my clients who is American and when we started working together her worry was that she needed to tone down her Americanisms, because people didn’t like that.

HELL NO! If that’s you and how you are, you don’t need to tone yourself down or change for anyone. That’s you and if people don’t like that then they are not your ideal client, your ideal client will love that about you and will want to work with you regardless.

So where is this identity crisis coming from?

I recently attended a session with another coach that prompted this and completely lit a fire under my arse, I’ve been being very 'professional and proper' and perhaps portraying an image that I thought and felt was right or I had to.

When actually I’m the one who can be a little bit sweary, a bit direct, basically if you want motivation, you want to move on in your business and your life, you want to get shit done, you want some firm accountability then I’m the person to work with.

If you’re sitting there going yeah, I could do with a coach, could do this, should do that, might do this or that and never do anything, you’re not gonna do it and you’re not the person I want to work with. However if you are someone in that mindset and you genuinely want to get out of that mindset and you feel like you need that firm accountability and someone to motivate you to get shit done, absolutely.

But I’m not going to sit there week on week listening to excuses of ‘I didn’t get the work done because of this’, ‘I didn’t get the work done because of that’, ‘I’ll do it next week’.

If you’re someone who’s motivated, you want to get stuff done, you want to move forward, you want to hit goals and reach your targets, now is the time to take action.

Book yourself a discovery call today. Not all of you reading this will take action because not all of you really want it, how bad do you want it?



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