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Why create a guide to choosing the right brands?

Why did I decide to produce a guide to choosing the right skincare for your business?

It took me a about a year to decide my skincare brand!

I was overwhelmed by what's out there, although I knew what I wanted I needed to find it in one package.

I was disappointed in some of the brands I contacted, lack of customer service and support even at the enquiry stage.

It's also a question I see being asked in groups and forums every single day!! And there are always loads of replies, usually of one word, the name of the brand they use. No real help or input into the decision.

I've seen therapists change brand because what they invested in wasn't really what they wanted or didn't fit their business but they went with it because 'it seemed popular'.

It's about finding what really fits with you and your business, something you can feel passionate about so you can sell it with ease. Something that you can use and have people ask you what do you use on your skin etc.

A brand that fits with your business vision, your ethos and provides you with the support you want.



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