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Who I work with, how I can help you and what puts me in the position to help you.

I work with people in the health, wellness, beauty industry. So whether you are a beauty therapist, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, nail tech, lash tech, skin specialist, or whoever you are under the health, wellness, beauty banner.

I predominantly work with those who are new to their field or new to the industry, those who have maybe run their business as a side hustle or started it as a hobby, maybe you started your business when the kids were young and now you want to develop the business more. Perhaps you’ve been doing your treatments employed but now want to go it alone, maybe you’ve had your business for a long time but you don’t run it as a business or the business side just scares you!

That’s what I’m here for, I’m here to support you, enable you to learn from mistakes that I’ve made, to help you decide where you want to take your business, understand that you have business and what that entails, understanding the basics around pricing and costing, getting clients, keeping clients, having a marketing plan, setting goals and working on achieving those goals.

What puts me in the position to do this?

I’ve been in the health, wellness, beauty industry for 13 years, I previously worked in local government within change management. I’m a former salon owner of 8 years working with a team of staff and have now been a solo therapist for almost 4 years. So I’ve set up two hands on treatment business from scratch, I could write the book on how not to do things and actually lo

st everything when I had to close my salon and was forced into bankruptcy. So I have really really, had to change the way in which I work and do things and learn from all those mistakes that I made in the past. Which is one of the reasons I finally decided to take the step into mentoring, so I could help other people better understand their business and avoid the mistakes that I made.

How can I help you?

I can help you by clearing blocks or brick walls that you may be coming up against and are holding you back. Help you to gain clarity on what you want to achieve, work out what your goals are and how to achieve them through deep questioning and my personal experience.

I also know as a solo business owner how lonely things can be at times, so I’m also here as a sounding board, a safe space, as a cheerleader and someone to hold you accountable. I’m not here to tell you that every idea is a great idea and agree with everything, but I’m here to give you a reality check on it and make sure it’s well thought out, in alignment with your long term goals, planned and achieved.

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